Although a large part of what we produce at Shearouse Lumber Co. is Southern Yellow Pine, we also produce Green Oak and New Heart Pine. Our Green Oak is sold rough for Low-Boy trailers, which are used for hauling heavy equipment. We also dress some for boat ribs.

Our facility consists of dry kilns, a timbersizer, planer mill, sawmill, pole and pilings mill, as well as a CCA Osmose treating plant. The process of manufacturing starts with trees. The logs are debarked, sawed and sorted. Logs are then stacked, dried in kilns, run through the planer (unless someone orders rough) and treated. We have an Osmose treating plant at our facility, for specialty treatment, if the lumber is to be used outside, in the ground or in saltwater.

We manufacture a variety of lumber products:

Dock ConstructionStructural Support BeamsMaze Hot-Dipped Galvanized Nails

We stock everything needed for dock construction:

We also export material overseas.